My Grand Father- Paragraph


My Grand Father

I am Amar. I live with my parents, Grandparents and Sister. Ours is a joint family. My Grandfather’s name is Krishna.  He is very fair, tall, handsome and with white hair.  He was a Government Employee, and now he is a pensioner. He is fond of watching television and reading books and newspaper.  Sometimes he goes for shopping in order to pass time.  He usually goes to local super-market for shopping.  He also likes to do cooking and help my grand-mother in house-hold work. He takes good care of his health and likes to eat healthy diet. He sometimes takes me out with him when goes out for shopping or for walking.  He brings many types of chocolates, chips and snacks for me. He is very caring and looks after me and my sister with great affection and love.  I also help him in small tasks which he is not able to accomplish, due age related problems.  We all love him very much. 


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