Do you Know ???   Term of Indian President G.K.-Quiz   What was the Period for which First President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad was President? 26 th   January, 1950 to 13 th May 1962.   What was the Period when Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was President of India? 13 th May 1962 to 13 th May 1967.   What was the Period when Dr. Jakir Hussain was President of India? 13 th May 1967 to 3 rd May 1969.   What was the Period when Mr. V.V. Giri was President of India for First term? 3 rd May 1969 to 20 th July 1969.     What was the Period when Mr. Mohammed Hidayatullah was acting President of India? 20 th July 1969 to 24 th august 1969.   What was the Period when Mr. V.V. Giri was President of India for Second term? 24 th august 1969 to 24 th august 1974. What was the Period when Sh. Fakhrudin Ali Ahmed was President of India? 24 th august 1974 to 11 th February 1977.   What was the Period when Sh. B.D. Jatti w

Personal finance management

  Personal finance management Personal finance management encompasses the strategic handling of an individual or family's financial resources to meet specific monetary objectives and navigate various financial circumstances. It spans a wide array of topics, including income management, expenditure tracking, savings, investments, debt management, insurance, retirement planning, and estate planning. The ultimate aim is to optimize financial well-being and make informed decisions to ensure a stable and prosperous financial future. Here are the key aspects of personal finance management: Budgeting : Developing a budget involves monitoring income and expenses to align spending with financial goals. It enables individuals to allocate funds for necessities, savings, and discretionary spending effectively. Saving : Saving entails setting aside money for future needs or emergencies, fostering financial resilience and preparedness. Investing : Investing involves allocating funds into various

A father's last advice

                                                                                                      A father's last advice   In the bustling city of Mumbai, where the symphony of honking horns and the fragrance of street food filled the air, lived a man named Rajan. He was a father who had weathered the storms of life, his body bearing the marks of time. As his health declined, he found himself confined to a small room overlooking the chaotic streets below. One evening, as the sun cast its golden hues upon the city, Rajan's son, Arjun, sat by his bedside. The room was filled with the scent of incense, and the sounds of the city seemed to hush in reverence to the poignant moment. With a weak smile, Rajan looked at his son and said, "Arjun, my time in this world is coming to an end, and I want to share some wisdom with you." His voice was a mere whisper, but each word carried the weight of a lifetime. Arjun nodded, his eyes filled with a mixture of love and sorrow. &q

My Grand Father- Paragraph

  My Grand Father I am Amar. I live with my parents, Grandparents and Sister. Ours is a joint family. My Grandfather’s name is Krishna.  He is very fair, tall, handsome and with white hair.  He was a Government Employee, and now he is a pensioner. He is fond of watching television and reading books and newspaper.  Sometimes he goes for shopping in order to pass time.  He usually goes to local super-market for shopping.  He also likes to do cooking and help my grand-mother in house-hold work. He takes good care of his health and likes to eat healthy diet. He sometimes takes me out with him when goes out for shopping or for walking.  He brings many types of chocolates, chips and snacks for me. He is very caring and looks after me and my sister with great affection and love.  I also help him in small tasks which he is not able to accomplish, due age related problems.  We all love him very much. 

My Father

  My Father I am Amar.  I live with my parents and brother.  My father’s name is Kamal.  He is very fair, tall, handsome and with Black hair.  He is a Government employee.  For side income, he invests in stock, gold, real estate and Government bond. He likes to watch T.V. in his free time.  He is fond of reading newspaper and books as hobby.  All outside work such as shopping, repair and maintenance of house-hold items and socialising is done by him.  He likes to cook food.  Sometimes he takes care of family meal, so that my mother can take rest.  He also takes us all for outing on Sunday.  He is Good father, good husband and good citizen. He is very caring person and looks after his family with great dedication, love and affection.  I love him very much.